About How-to-Do Girls

"How-To-Do Girls" is the digital media parody of how-to television shows named after the smart & sexy hostesses. "How-To-Do Girls" makes fun of how-to shows while being an informative and entertaining how-to show in its own right.

Every episode stars a sexy-intelligent-capable hostess who is both part of and in on the joke. The combination of low-brow and tongue in cheek humor with lots of double entendres and a dash of social commentary makes learning subjects like cooking, home repair, car maintenance, shopping, relationships, job searches a hilarious escape.

How-To-Do Girls is the first of a new media, the made for download series. This new format is designed for the digital age. Unlike old media, we encourage viewers to share downloaded episodes. There are no breaks for commercials, viewers get uninterrupted pleasure. Additionally, episodes will be immediately available on DVD along with out-takes, extra footage and other goodies.

Sexy, smart, ready for anything.

Do it Right, Ask a Girl.