Meet Jaime Lynn

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Jaime Lynn is destined for big things. Her goal is to own multiple businesses. She isn't fooling around. She has her eye on starting a fast food resturant in a suburb of Chicago. This wouldn't be her first business. She worked for a company that puts on dress up parties for little girls. She noticed that there wasn't anything for little boys so she stepped up and started doing pirate parties. Aye aye Captain Jaime Lynn.

Jaime Lynn blue bikini

Among her modelling accomplishments are the cover of SOAK magazine and appearing in Kite Board magazine. Unlike other models that just sit there and look pretty, Jaime Lynn insisted on learning how to kite board. She got up extra early to take lessons while she was on location in California.

What is such a gorgeous and clearly bright girl like personality wise? She is just about the sweetest girl. She attributes her positive outlook to a seriously negative experience. She was involved in an accident that severed tendons in her arm 90%. She spent 4 days in the hospital and months in physical therapy. She says, "I learned a lot about the value of enjoying every moment."

Jaime Lynn dreamy silver bikini

Expect big things from Jaime Lynn.